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  1. Patchwork Solution: An End to Berlin's Neverending Airport Fiasco?
    The idea of a soft launch for Berlin's long-delayed new international airport is gaining traction. It would mean opening its doors in 2020, but without its main terminal.
  2. The Search for Justice in Tunisia: 'We Know Everything, But We Have No Proof'
    A truth commission is trying to help Tunisia work through its recent past, televising testimonies from both the victims and perpetrators of state violence. Yet it's serving to divide rather than heal the country - and the police state is making a comeback.
  3. Trump's Jerusalem Folly: Time for Europe to Take the Lead on Peace
    U.S. President Donald Trump prides himself on being a deal-maker. But his decision to relocate the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem will produce only losers. It is time for Europe to take the lead in the Middle East peace process.
  4. U.S. Economy: Trump Tax Plan Worries Europe
    Trump is hoping that his tax reform will make the United States a more attractive place to do business. Germany and the rest of Europe, though, could emerge as the losers.
  5. Alleged INF Treaty Violation: U.S. Demands NATO Action on Russian Missiles
    The U.S. believes Russia is secretly developing nuclear-capable, medium-range missiles in violation of the INF Treaty. Washington has now upped the pressure on NATO to formulate a response - and a new arms race could be the result.
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