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  1. The Diesel Disaster: Are Driving Bans Coming for German Cities?
    A court ruling could ban millions of diesel cars from German city centers, rendering the vehicles worthless. The federal government has considered responding with free public transportation and by forcing car manufacturers to submit to new requirements. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
  2. Preventing the Migrant Wave: Germany Exports Employment Offices to Africa
    In order to combat the root causes of economic migration, Germany has opened a job center in Ghana that helps people find local employment. But what happens when German bureaucracy comes head to head with the everyday reality in Ghana?
  3. No Peace after Islamic State: Foreign Powers Compete for a Slice of Syria
    Islamic State has largely been defeated, but peace in Syria has not been achieved. On the contrary, without a common enemy, parties involved are now pursuing their own interests, with each wanting a slice of the country.
  4. Interview with Poland's Prime Minister: 'Europe Has Run Out of Gas'
    In an interview, new Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki discusses his country's reputation problems, EU proceedings against Warsaw, Poland's controversial refugee policy and the heated debate over history.
  5. Big-Tent Blues: The Silver Lining of Germany's Political Chaos
    A wave of political change is crashing over Germany and the country's once-proud big-tent parties are in a state of crisis. As frightening as the development may be, it also presents an opportunity.
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