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  1. Sewing Seeds of Hate: The Unforgivable Disgrace of an American President
    There has never before been a U.S. president who trivialized the violence and racism of neo-Nazis. For many Republicans, Donald Trump has now gone too far. The populist leader has become more isolated than ever before -- in the world and inside his own party.
  2. America's Chauvinist-in-Chief: The True Face of Donald Trump
    U.S. President Donald Trump is a racist and a hate preacher. It's time to stop trivializing the immense damage he is causing.
  3. Persona Non Grata: Would-Be Reformer Saakashvili Cast Out of Ukraine
    Two years ago, Petro Poroshenko hired former Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili to promote reforms and tackle corruption. Now, though, the Ukrainian president has thrown Saakashvili out of the country. What went wrong?
  4. Hell on Earth: Libyan Camps for Refugees Are Not the Answer
    There are many who would like to see migrants sheltered in reception camps in Libya. But a recent report compiled by European Union diplomats who visited the country reveals that the idea is completely unworkable. By DER SPIEGEL Staff
  5. North Korea Crisis: Trump Plays with Fire
    The conflict with Kim Jong Un raises concern that Washington may be more unpredictable than North Korea.
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