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  1. The Last Act: A Raging Battle over Kohl's Legacy
    For years, Helmut Kohl's second wife held a tight grip over his legacy. With his passing now, she is pushing for an EU state funeral rather than a national one -- and even considered not inviting any German leaders to speak. A major dispute is expected over the estate of one of Europe's most distinguished politicians.
  2. Spying Scandal: German Intelligence Also Snooped on White House
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel is famous for the terse remark she made after learning her mobile phone had been tapped by the NSA. "Spying among friends, that isn't done." As it turns out, Germany was spying on America too, even targeting the White House.
  3. The Mica Children: Fighting for Survival in India's Deadly Mines
    They work in India's mines to supply the cosmetics and car paint industries. And sometimes they die. A Visual Story By Marius Münstermann and Christian Werner
  4. Deadly Dilemma: EU Leans on Libyan Military to Stop Migrants
    Summer offers perfect conditions for migrants seeking to cross the Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe. Aid organizations are trying to prevent them from drowning, but the EU has partnered with Libya to stop them.
  5. A Preventable Tragedy: Millions Around The World Are Still Threatened with Starvation
    Every ninth person on the planet suffers from hunger. The situation is so dire in some countries that 20 million people are at acute risk of death by starvation. How is this possible at a time of a global food surplus?
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